Brief descriptions of ongoing and completed projects follow.

2014 – today. Germany. DENK GLOBAL! coordinates the Germany-wide peer-to-peer education network teamGLOBAL, which offers workshops on education for sustainable development (ESD) and globalization.

2021-2022. Germany. #fairRESONANCE is a peer-to-peer youth education project to promote sensitivity and civil courage online. It includes a net campaign, a congress and an e-learning platform.

2021. Ukraine, Germany. The hybrid project Meet Up! – On the Crossroads of History encouraged German and Ukrainian participants to deal with the history of persecution of the Sinti and Roma.

2021. France, Germany. The online project Channel Chances – Images Numeriques brought together German and French young people to reflect together on the changes in communication caused by new media and technologies.

2021. Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany. SASTIPE – Face Prejudice brought together participants from Slovakia, Ukraine and Germany to raise awareness of prejudice against Roma and other minorities.

2020. Germany. The klimaLAB was about an exchange of experiences and methods between educators and team members who are active in the field of education for sustainable development.

2020. EU/Germany. On the occasion of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union, DENK GLOBAL! organized an online Dilemma Game that simulated issues of cooperation in world trade.