SASTIPE was the perfect event for everyone, who wants to face and fight prejudice.
For everyone who believes in equality, empowerment and social cohesion.
It took place online from 20th to 22nd August 2021 with around 20 participants from Slovakia, Ukraine and Germany with diverse backgrounds and stories.

Together with experts we learned about Romani culture and got inspired! And on top of that, 3 participants got the chance to win a trip to lovely Heidelberg & Mannheim, Germany to visit the Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma and other exciting spots.


  • Connecting youth all over Europe

  • Not speaking about but with each other

  • Learn from each other on eye level

  • Create exciting digital stuff together

  • Share our knowledge with others


  • 3 days to learn about Romani culture

  • Get to know inspiring people from all over Europe and gain knowledge

  • Win a trip to Heidelberg / Mannheim

  • No participation fee for you!