About the event

You wanna face and fight prejudice?
You think that everybody should be treated individually?
If yes, SASTIPE is the perfect event for you!

Together with experts we want to learn about Romani culture and get inspired! And on top of that, 3 participants get the chance to win a trip to lovely Heidelberg & Mannheim, Germany to visit the Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma and other exciting spots! (Depending on the pandemic situation; Back-up Prizes are assured)

We will be around 20-30 young people with diverse backgrounds and stories. Participation is for free.

Our goals

  • Connecting youth all over Europe
  • Not speaking about but with each other

  • Learn from each other on eye level

  • Create exciting digital stuff together

  • Share our knowledge with others

What we offer

  • 3 days workshop to learn about Romani culture

  • Get to know inspiring people from all over Europe

  • Gain knowledge and create exciting things

  • Win a trip to Heidelberg / Mannheim

  • No participation fee for you!

What we expect

  • You are 16 – 27 years old

  • You speak English on a good speaking level

  • Have a smart device and internet access

  • You live(d) in Germany, Slovakia or Ukraine

  • You are a team player and interested in Romani culture (no prior knowledge needed) or are a Rom*nja yourself


Program draft

All at one sight: Our call for applications

Our project partners

The NGO Youth agency for the advocacy of Roma culture – ARCA – has already participated in a large number of collaborations at the European level, especially for exchanges on the history of persecution of Roma/Romnija and Sinti/Sintize.

Ďakujem – „PAĽIKERAV“ is a Slovakian organization that focuses on the education of young people from socially disadvantaged environments. The Book Club PAĽIKERAV is one of their most famous projects empowering Roma and pointing out that Roma do not only dance and sing, but are also passionate about other things, like literature.

teamGLOBAL is a German-wide network of about 50 young volunteers aged between 16 and 27 offering peer-to-peer workshops on topics concerning globalisation and sustainability. The participants of the network develop individual and innovative methods and conduct a great number of workshops at schools and other youth workshops.

Our funding partners

The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung advocates a vital Baden-Württemberg with a high quality of life for all its residents. It helps pave the way for advanced technological progress, high quality education, and a responsible relationship with fellow human beings.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education is a federal public authority providing citizenship education and information on political issues for all people in Germany. The work done by the bpb centers on promoting awareness for democracy and participation in politics.